Monday, August 8, 2016


It is my goal to make this blog an active one this year. In a recent Twitter chat we were discussing #CelebrateMonday. It is an amazing and positive hashtag that promotes all that is good and right in education. I thought it might be a great goal to be sure to come here and celebrate something from my week every Monday. I know I will always have things to celebrate.

Today marked one full week back at school. Our students do not return until Wednesday. I could be in many places and feeling so much different than I do about education. However, I am in a place and time where I love heading into work every day.

I always knew I wanted to be a teacher. I read stories and hear conversations of teachers who had that same dream, but due to the environment they teach in, their dreams have been crushed.

I celebrate that I work in a district and at a school where teachers and students matter! We all have a voice and our voices are honored. Though held accountable, we can speak, be listened to, and change can occur.

I also work in a district where Innovation is taking place! This week we had our 2nd Digital Learning Day. A day devoted to PD for all district educators, given by  teachers in our district. It was an outstanding and well received day.

So today I celebrate the here and now. What are you celebrating this Monday?

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