Monday, September 5, 2016

Join Us This Year for Math Talk on Twitter #mtgr3

Consider yourself invited to a weekly slow chat for math talk on Twitter. Next Sunday, September 11th,  our first prompt of the year will post. The purpose is to get our students to see Math and see that it is everywhere in the world around them. We hope to help them to see it is beyond numbers and computation. We also see the value in looking at and seeing the perspective of others as we engage in the slow chat throughout the week. The prompts will be open ended and allow for all thinking to be shared and different perspectives and strategies seen.

Sound interesting? Here is how it works:

1. Every Sunday night beginning September 11, I will Tweet an open-ended math problem of the week. I will Tweet from my account @firstatbat Please follow me. I will use the hashtag #mtgr3

2. Please retweet to share the question with your PLN.

3. Your students will share their thinking during the following week Monday-Friday. Make sure their Tweets include the hashtag #mtgr3 so that everyone in the #mtgr3 community can view your students' responses. This is a huge benefit of using Twitter, we want to see the voices of many.

4. Visit Tweets from other classes to discuss strategies, perspectives and ideas and views of math.

5. Engage with other classes by leaving comments, retweeting or asking questions.

6. Follow classes that are participating to build your class PLN. My class will Tweet from @linkedlearners

7. If you find a great idea for a prompt during the year, please DM it to  me.

If you have any questions, please reach out to ask. Please share with others, the more voices involved the better this will be!

Not a 3rd grade teacher? That's okay. We have @Leka DeGroot  doing #mtgr1 for 1st grade. @mcarlson110 will host #mtgr2 for 2nd grade. We would welcome a 4th grade or 5th grade teacher to join us!

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