Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Tenth Day

Today was our tenth day of school! We are settling into a few routines, trying out new things and becoming true First Graders.

I wanted to post today and share about our tenth day of school. One of my goals this year is to truly teach Math to understanding, not as a process! Inspired by an amazing teacher who I was lucky enough to connect with this summer, today was a day I could spend our math time celebrating our tenth day while developing their understanding.

As we began our math routine today we had a message from the office. There was a special package delivered for our class. I sent our messenger down to pick it up.

The students were quite intrigued by this box that was addressed to our class. They noticed the zero and said "that probably means there isn't anything inside." The girl who brought it in said, "It was very light!" Below the box a book came with it. So, of course they needed to we opened it up!

 Inside we found a letter, Hero the Zero pal (yes mine looks more like Little Red Riding Hood) and a treat!

We talked about the zero and that this is a "friendly" number that will always help them in doing math. We played songs, and read our book about Zero and showed the many ways they knew on making a ten. Our little pal will be back every 10th day! We will celebrate all the decades! We ended our math lessons eating our treats...which of course was in the shape of a zero!

Want to know more about celebrating the 10th day??? Check out this video which inspired me!
Zero the Hero on the 10th Day

I found a Linky Party party to add this post to! I'll be visiting again...loving all things Math!