Saturday, September 12, 2015

Welcome to #k2tweetpals!

Last year I was a part of a twitter slow chat we named #1tweetpals. It was great fun getting to know other first grade classrooms, as well as learning about other communities, schools, geographies and culture.

We are getting ready to begin again! A little change, it has been changed to #k2tweetpals for ALL primary classrooms. It is more of a discussion than academics, so an interest was coming from more classrooms and grade levels to get involved. We hope also to move to a more global community.

It is easy to get involved. I will post two questions per week on Sunday evenings. I will label them with Q1 and Q2. I have gathered the questions from those interested in joining and will gladly accept more as we continue. I will include the hashtag #k2tweetpals . I will post these questions on my twitter account @firstatbat, so please follow me. I will be posting on our classroom twitter account as well, and all our answers will be posted there. My classroom twitter is @linkedlearners.

You have throughout the week to post your answers. Please include A1 or A2 to show which question you are answering and the hashtag #k2tweetpals so that everyone who is following the chat can see your answers. To follow along with your class during the week, just search for the hashtag #k2tweetpals .

I encourage you to comment on posts, ask further questions of participants, include photos if relevant and follow others along the way. Build your class PLN!

This is a great way to connect. I hope you will join us. Our first two questions will post on Sunday, September 13th. Please let me know if you have any questions.

I would appreciate you sharing and inviting others. The more who participate, the greater our experience will be.