Friday, November 6, 2015

Hour of Empower (an update)

Hour of  Empower has been in motion since September now. It continues to improve. I continue to reflect and tweek it just a bit.

We just completed one of our bigger projects. As part of the cardboard challenge, there was a little extra challenge I found. Students had to plan to use Ozobot, a small and mighty coding robot, within their cardboard design. I loved watching the children learn and discover how to include the mini-yet mighty machine in their designs. Not every child participated, it was still a choice. Others are building models, creating slide shows, and researching a career. 

We had boxes everywhere for weeks. BIG ones. The chaos during those hours was a little crazy. 

Yet, it was good. It was very good. As I read their reflections on their blogs today, it showed me just how great it was. 

Want to check a few of them out, head here. Or here.  There is a folder for Hour of Empower, read and comment, they love to know they have an audience. 

My greatest challenge during all this has been trying to keep a purpose in every project. They are children, so they easily slip into play, without purpose. 

Next week I want to create a T chart. One side is where they will choose the learning piece of their project. The other a way to create and share their learning. 

Will they: research, question and explore, experiment or test, code, share an event, inform or persuade others to do something that is important to them, solve a problem or construct or deconstruct. These options are where I expect them to learn or deepen their understanding. 

The other side is what will they create to display their learning. Will they: Make a model (cardboard, blocks, Legos, K-Nex,, clay playdoh), Write (report, script, comic, story, book, article), Make a movie, take and share photographs, slide show, paint, draw, give a speech, invent, or make a poster/chart

I also want to begin to list ideas as we learn and find ways to extend their learning. Students aren't quite sure what their passions are at this point. They need direction, support, encouragement to find those.

If you are doing things like this in your classroom, I'd love to reflect together. Do you have other ideas I can add? One day I hope to have someone we can share with. I want to keep them inspired, challenged and learning. I want them empowered!

Lego, Ozobot and a little cardboard

A piece of the Cardboard city they created

Ozobot City 

Learning how to code
Presenting his project. This is a home that would survive a storm. 

Coding, hard work!
This creation had lots of detail!

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