Sunday, October 1, 2017

Back on Track

This year has been a hard one to get rolling. After looping for two years and starting over, you know and remember to begin slow. You want to set those routines and do it well. Take the time to introduce one tool at a time. That is just what we were doing...and it felt right, yet slow going.

Then a hurricane rolled in. We were just starting to roll pretty smoothly .We lost 6 days.
Upon return it felt like we were back at the beginning.

So, here we are, October 1st and so much is not in place. Global Read Aloud is kicking in and I feel a little behind. But it is okay, we will get there.

One thing I would have started before now is #mtgr2  This is a chance to do math talk with other 2nd graders using Twitter. I am ready to kick it off this week and I hope you can share and get others started with us.

We also participate in #gmttc2, this is not to replace it. We love #gmttc2 because it gives us a chance to solve math problems posted daily during the week.

For #mtgr2 we are following the idea Leka Degroot came up with a few years ago for first grade students. It is a slow chat and it is designed to help students discover math all around them. One prompt posts during the week. We ask that you share the prompt with students and have them share their thinking with us using the hashtag #mtgr2. If you are a first grade teacher use #mtgr1. There is no right or wrong answer. We hope to encourage talk and thinking that revolves around mathematical thinking.

This year I want to add another tool. We will post the same question to flip grid. So, your students will have a choice to leave a verbal response there, and we will also continue to use Twitter. My class posts from @linkedlearners and I will post from my teacher account @firstatbat.

Please share and join in with us as soon as you are able. The more thinking we have, the more successful it will be!

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