Friday, August 2, 2013

Open House....

Wow! I am tired, my feet hurt and my brain won't stop racing. Yes...that's right, Monday is meet the teacher night! I am so happy to say I am mostly ready and do not have to head in this weekend.

One blessing is my student teacher. She showed up on our first day and is an excited-and-on-fire- ready-to-go-intern anyone would love to have in their room. She was non-stop working the entire time and helped to get it all up and running.

Here is the Word Wall. I place two file cabinets back to back and use magnets for the words. This way students can interact with them. On the other side, we can use magnets for word work, word sorts and other magnetic centers.

I have two library sections...this is my fiction library.
The puppets are a favorite while reading!
The nonfiction library is up front on shoe racks. Each book has a sticker with a matching picture of the label. I am hoping they will make it back to the right basket better this year. I am going to rework the labels. They are not sitting well on the baskets.

This is the display of the Beanie Baby comprehension and decoding strategies. It is titled, "Coaching Critters". Some of the posters can be found as a free download here Sarah .
I have a few last minute touches to do Monday morning, and will be ready with a smile Mondayevening. Have a great weekend!