Friday, November 8, 2013

Five for Friday Link Up

I never seem to make it on Friday...then Saturday rolls in, well you know the deal. I am pushing myself to post tonight. I really want to have an active blog! Tell me please, how do you do it???
I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Five for Friday

Monday night was our Parent Tech Night. We were asked to have our students share how they use technology in the classroom. We had the Think Pads for a week in our room. We explored and tried it out. I shared this video for parents on Monday night, while the students shared how they used the Think Pads in our room during the week.

One of the beauties of sharing our campus with the middle and high school is getting involved in school spirit to the max! We enjoyed cheering them on during our homecoming parade.

There is always time for some fun relay races. This was a day we wanted to get some energy out. Our first grade team stirred up some fun competition!

Several critters have been introduced in our first grade class. I loved hearing them introduced and explained so well during our Parent Technology Night. Sometimes a good ole' fashioned stuff toy and a story can teach as well as technology, if not better!

All my weeks must have some time for this little man. My grandson E...right after he sent the cat running with his antics! All boy!
Have a great weekend, may God bless those who have served and are serving, and your families. We appreciate your sacrifice!