Saturday, October 19, 2013

Catching Up...

I really felt I needed to post an update of what has been going on in our classroom. It is busy...and they are learning. My intern has been teaching full time now and that gave me an opportunity to slip away for a few days to see my family in Nebraska, and that was followed by a busy weekend celebrating another grandchild's 3rd birthday. I say that all to say...I have not had time to catch my breath never mind write a post. So...I am just going to dump some things I have collected...and yes, it goes back a bit in time.

First of all there was my SLANT box from September that came right on time and was perfect and wonderful! Glittery pencils, smelly markers, pens, a homemade post it note holder and a beautiful card.
I was matched with  Wendy. Be sure to get involved with SLANT boxes and have some fun!

We also had a fun filled time with Johnny Appleseed Activities. We used our observation skills, made apple sauce, did writing and lots of other fun games!

My intern is looking a little tired....she is learning how much it takes to be a teacher. She is doing a fantastic job. This is the day we celebrated publishing our first piece of writing.

 It was completed with a toast of apple juice!

 Here is some of the grandbaby time. My 3 year old grandson loved meeting Elmo!
 We share our campus with our middle and high schools. The nice thing is we have an opportunity to have our highschoolers come work with our students. This young lady in the picture with me is one of my students (a few years ago).

 While visiting my son in Nebraska I was able to spend the day in first grade with my grandson and his wonderful teacher. Our classes will be pen pals this year! So excited and so was my class when I told them!

This was a little more grandbaby time. We went to the pumpkin patch!

So this week we move on to pumpkins, bats and spiders for Halloween fun! Have a great week!