Friday, January 10, 2014

Five for Friday

I am linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching  to share 5 random things from my week! It was a short week, and I forgot to take enough pictures...but here's what I have.

On Monday I had a work day....had to get out those 2nd quarter report card grades and comments. I was thankful to come off of break to a work day. Every Monday I pick up my grandson E and give his mom some extra time in her classroom. It was good to be back to routine. He really was happy to see me, even if this picture doesn't show it. He loves his grandma!


On Tuesday we had a professional development day. In the morning we filled each other's buckets with postive comments, and talked about writing. In the afternoon the whole district got together for lunch and a great motivational speaker, Dave Weber. He kept us laughing, made us think and we took away some awesome food for thought.

I also used this time to clean up and put away all things Christmas....well almost all things. I couldn't say goodbye to the Rootbeer Reindeer just yet. They worked so hard, and they are so cute!

The students came back Wednesday and I was so excited to tell them.....

our pen pal letters arrived! We began a writing project with my grandson's class in Nebraska. They were so excited to read their letters and also ready to write back. What a motivational and wonderful thing to do!

I am always concerned how much they will forget while they are gone for over two weeks. On Thursday during Reader's Workshop at share time I was anxious to hear them share their strategies. My principal walked through about that time and I invited her to stay and listen in. ( Admittedly, I was a little concerned that might not have been the BEST idea) However...this is a note I received from her later that day...

What an exciting opportunity for me to see/hear first graders share exactly what strategies the students used while reading independently. It was clear they have a variety of strategies to choose from, that they were engaged in their independent reading knowing that they were going to have to share out. I loved that they used their books to refer to. Most of all the excitement about their love for reading was so evident!


I am one proud teacher!

Have a great weekend!