Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Our 20th Day

The students have counted and prepared for this day. Each day they would look at our ten frames filling up and think about how many more days until the 20th day would occur. By the end of last day they were also figuring what day of the week it would happen. Celebrating the decades are really working..they are thinking, counting and learning math without even knowing it.
They knew they were to secretly look out for our little hero pal. The REAL Zero the Hero has sent us one his helpers, she is a girl. He wanted them to know math is important to boys and girls! Sure enough they came in with their eyes searching. Some couldn't contain their excitement and pointed her out. But others knew the had to be kept quiet until the right time!
Gabrielle is the one who came and secretly whispered to me and pointed her out. She was hidden on top of a book shelf, hanging out with some other pals.

After singing our days of the week and months of the year songs, it was time to do the calendar. And then *insert drum roll* it was time to fill in the 20th dot on our second ten's frame! Applause broke out and the excitement rose! I mentioned that several students had found our little pal, but the first who followed the rules and kept the secret would be the one who would help with the celebration in math this afternoon!

So yes, they had to wait. We continued with a wonderful day. During Reader's Workshop we are "reading" a wordless book called The Red Book. Students are practicing listening to their thinking voice and sharing their thinking with the class. Today I snapped a picture of their knee to knee talks. Can you see their attention to details?

Following lunch we had some writing time. Students made choices about what to write today and it was exciting to watch and see them get busy drawing and writing from their hearts!



Then it finally the end of the day we realized we had some mail in the mailbox.

 It was another letter from Zero the Hero....along with a cape, mask and a treat! The celebration began! Gabrielle put on the cape and mask...

Then we danced...

Of course, we shared a zero treat!

When will he return???......
Think about it!!
These students are 20 days smarter and have already figured out when!