Friday, March 6, 2015

Oh The Places We Can Go....

I had to jump on board and share about an amazing week I had with 9 other first grade 7 different states! We truly celebrated Read Across America......

The planning began at a #1stchat, the Sunday night twitter chat for first grade teachers. We decided to collaborate and do some a few things together for Dr. Seuss and Read Across America. One thing we wanted to achieve was Reader's Theater via a Google Hangout. One Wednesday that happened. Green Eggs and Ham in Florida, Iowa and Kansas!

I also collaborated with my own team of teachers at school. We gathered together for a Skype session with author Natasha Wing. She was awesome and engaging. 

 We had to have Seuss snacks every day this week of course! The Green Eggs and Ham were my favorite!

Seuss photos were a must!

The collaboration was amazing during the week. We took Read Across America to a whole new level. We tweeted our comments and pictures using #1stseuss. We kept a google document going, sharing ideas and making plans. We had a Seuss padlet where students could post their favorite Seuss book. But the biggest celebration happened today. 7 teachers from Illinois, Connecticut, Florida, Kansas, and Michigan came together on Google Hangout. By sharing the screen we were all able to play a game of Kahoot together featuring Seuss characters. It was so much fun!

This is all new learning to me. This last summer I opened the doors to twitter, and it has taken me to places I never knew before. I am growing as an educator and I am able to connect my students to the world. I am collaborating with amazing educators and able to bring that back to colleagues in my building. Every door that opens has ten more to follow. 
Oh, the Places We Can Go.........