Wednesday, July 1, 2015

Twitter Tweaked my Teaching

I just celebrated being on twitter a year. I had another account that I didn't use. I would check in, not understand it, and check out. Last summer I was at a PD and twitter kept coming up and I was told to get on and use it. I was told how valuable it was. So...I tried again.

This time I had help. I focused it on education. I began to understand the purpose of a hashtag. I learned about twitter chats that were focused on relevant educational topics. I began to follow people. My eyes were open to what twitter was about, and I was hooked!

June 28th was one year I have been on twitter. I couldn't put in one blog post what this year has meant for me. Many times over the year I have stated that I felt the excitement of a brand new teacher. I loved coming to work, was excited to try new things, and excited to share with others.

I have decided to take the next few weeks of summer to do a series of blog posts on how twitter changed me as a teacher, and changed my classroom. I must wake this sleepy blog and I can't imagine a better topic than sharing the MANY doors it opened and continues to open.

I hope you will come back and visit. I hope you find inspiration and a desire to join in the journey with me.

If you are on twitter you can find me. I am @firstatbat

Come back and soon and hear some more!