Sunday, August 9, 2015

Oh the Learning that Will Occur

Tomorrow begins another 180 days of teaching. It is my 18th classroom of students. I am excited about the possibilities that can happen. My mind is busy and my hopes and dreams are BIG! I want to accomplish so much this year. So, before I rest I want to capture these goals here. I can't wait to come back tomorrow and share all about day one!

Goal 1: I want this class connected! I want our connections to help us learn things that are not possible in our room or within our school. I want them to see and hear perspectives from  young minds across the globe.

Goal 2: I want our classroom to belong to all of us. I want students to have voice and choice. I want them to have multiple ways to share their learning with others. I want a community of learners who love to collaborate, listen to one another, respectfully communicate, and understand each of us is unique.

Goal 3: I want my students to explore their passions through research and share about them through creative means.

Goal 4: I want my students to be thinkers. I want them to be okay to persevere and struggle a bit and feel comfortable when they make a mistake. I want them to have a true understanding that each of them are different, and I want them to be involved in personal learning.

Goal 5: I want to motivate, encourage and inspire students to love learning! I want them engaged in the process all through the day.

Goal 6: I want to connect their learning to real world application. I want them to hear from, work with and gain an understanding of real people in real situations.

Goal 7; I want school to be fun. I want them excited to come back every day. I want them excited to share at home.

Goal 8: I want to be connected with parents. I want to foster strong relationships between all involved in the student's learning.

Goal 9: I want to teach standards, not curriculum.

Goal 10: I want to learn beside my students.

Here's to a year of excellence!