Sunday, August 16, 2015

Our First Week

Our first week was just about perfect! We began to create the culture I want for them. We read books, spent time talking and focused on making this classroom ours, not mine.
We spent time daily preparing them as digital citizens. We used Craig Badura's tool box idea. The visuals worked so well. I will be hanging these photos up. The discussions we had surrounding this were so helpful! We have more to add to our tool box as well. These were a perfect start.

The extension cord that reminds us to unplug. We talked about the fact that even though iPads will be a part of our learning, it will only be one of our tools. We will still read books, create with crayons and paper and have time to play and talk together!
 The padlock reminds us to lock up passwords and keep them in a safe place. 

The toothbrush may be my favorite. It really makes sense! Just like we don't share a toothbrush, we must not share personal things such as addresses, last names, phone numbers, birthdates, etc. Keep what is private to ourselves.  Just like our toothbrushes!

The wrinkled person is good for lessons on always using kind words, online and in person. We can't completely fix the hurts we cause with words that sting.

The digital tattoo (footprints wash away) reminds us that what we put out there stays there...always!
We come across so much information as connected individuals. We need to strain the information, separating truth and facts from lies and fiction. We can not believe everything we find or hear. We need to do our research!
 We added the warm fuzzies. This is a DO tool. Use our ability to connect with so many people to exercise kindness. Use our words to support, encourage and accept differences. People will feel warm and fuzzy inside if we choose our words correctly. 

We did find time to get into books. The students loved exploring my libraries. We also did some Go Noodle and Cosmic Yoga.
 Here are a few of my new loves on their first day. We read the book The Energy Bus for Kids for rules for a positive year. It was my first time using this book and I LOVE it. This will be a part of our language all year long. I will post more about that book in a separate post, it is THAT good! 

 I used the Literably App to start leveling students for Guided Reading Such an awesome tool and what a time saver. 

We reviewed their learning about Digital Citizenship with some Augmented Reality. This can be found from Chromville. I am still amazed at what it can do.

I love to see them so engaged in a book!
We also shared our All About Me bags. We read Shel Silverstein's poem, "What's in the Sack?"  This was our homework for the week. Students did a great job.

Speaking of homework, I made the decision...we won't have it this year. It is something I have been pondering for some time. I researched this summer and really thought it over. Parents received a letter on Friday. It is my expectation they they read nightly. I also hope they talk about school, talk about their learning. Enjoy their time together as a family.

The decision felt completely right, and made me completely happy!

I couldn't have asked for a better first week of school. I have high hopes. I received a message on Class Dojo from a parent. She had been discussing school with her son. She used these words to describe how he felt, "fun, inspired and challenged". This is my vision, for every child!