Saturday, August 11, 2018

Let's Get It Started

Today I sit with the pre-planning, trainings and meet the parent night in the rear view mirror. I look forward, facing the year ahead. It is always a mixture of excitement and nervousness. I am always reminded of the awesome responsibility, as well as the great privilege it is to be a teacher.

My goals for this school year are to equip my students to be a vital part of a community (both local and global) and to create an excited, empowered bunch of lovers of learning. Not too lofty, right? 

It sounds lofty as I look at the amount of days and limited minutes. My dreams are big, and yet sometimes my opportunity to make those dreams come true is so limited. What I know I need to do, is plan with purpose and go deep...I need to create an affect that will go long and far even after they move from my classroom.

I am excited to have the support of a team that will help make this happen. My colleagues, my admin team, my PLN, my student's parents and many others that fit into the puzzle. I can do nothing alone.

I want to make a great effort to reflect here often this year. I want this journey to be captured on a page. I hope you will follow along and encourage me through each step.

May this year be blessed as none other has been before!

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