Saturday, September 21, 2019

Math Talk on Twitter

Sometimes we let things go...and we shouldn't have. The answer...pick it back up.

I have decided it is time to bring back our slow Twitter chat for math talk.
Our school is really focused on that rigorous dialogue during math. Math discourse helps students to see things from different perspectives, it grows number sense, it helps with problem solving and it deepens mathematical understanding. But it becomes much more powerful when we add voices and perspectives to the talk.

So, what will it look like?
A prompt will post on Twitter on Sunday nights. We will use #mtgr2 (Math Talk Grade 2) for our hashtag.  You have all week to respond. You can respond with pictures, videos, text. Be sure to add #mtgr2 to every post so we see your thinking. You can do a whole class tweet, or have individuals answer.The questions will often be open. However, sometimes we will share ways to solve a problem and share our many strategies. Follow my class at @linkedlearners and me at @firstatbat

Please also look at the posts by searching #mtgr2 and have discussions about the responses. You can leave comments or retweet and help students see they have an authentic audience and that  their thinking is valued.

Please invite other 2nd grade classrooms to join in.

We will start here, but may add FlipGrid as another way to respond mid year.

I hope you join us. The more participants, the more effective it is.

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