Saturday, August 17, 2013

The Almost Full Week

I started this week thinking it would be my first full one with students. However, things happen! My poor little grandson was sick. My daughter went back to teaching kindergarten this year after taking a year off. So, between the two grandmas, his Mommy and Daddy, we all took some time off to spend a day with him.

Can anyone blame me?

I am blessed that I could leave for a day with an incredible intern who was very excited to have a day of practice! that we are moving from the clunk, clunk, clunking and into the clink, clink, is my hope to get some small groups up and running this week. I am going to look over some assessments this weekend that I have done (Spelling Inventory, STAR Reading, Addition, Writing ) and start to get a grasp of who and where they are and WHAT I need to do.

I am also packing a box for my SLANT teacher project! If you haven't done it, be sure to get involved. The September theme will post soon!

The SLANT Box Exchange

I have loved getting to know 3 teachers this time around. Our theme was our favorite things. I have found many things we have in common and inside the box will reveal those things to them. I am sending my box to the two ladies (Stacy and Colleen)  at

and will be receiving a box from Amanda at
I will also be stopping by the BIG SALE this weekend at TPT!
How is your weekend going?