Wednesday, August 14, 2013

We're Getting There!

Our routines and procedures are beginning to fall into place. The music is cued, and we are moving and grooving to songs all day.

How many of you do a morning letter? I love our morning letter. I am able to teach so many skills within that one letter. The students are so engaged and I love how it builds community.

This year when I put names on the Word Wall,  I included pictures of them. I notice them looking and finding the names of classmates. It was a good change!

We have started Reader's Workshop and I had a last minute idea this week that turned out brilliant! I am using Beanie Babies to teach strategies to my students. A friend brought me a Stork and it wasn't one I was using so I placed it up on my bookshelf.

As we began Reader's Workshop this week the plan was to work on stamina first. That morning I looked over at the Stork, and decided to name him! Stick-With-It Stork became my model for stamina. I quickly created a story to go with him and I couldn't have asked for it to go better. Don't you love those moments???

I am trying to change math up a bit this year. I am using more centers and exploration and I think so far it is going fairly well. I will need to continue to collect ideas and really push the Common Core way of thinking and stretching them.

More to come soon...I am trying to bring this blog to life. It still needs help!