Sunday, August 11, 2013

Those First Days

We had three get-to-know you kind of days and now I have spent the weekend preparing for the real deal! Are you finding you want to change a lot each year?

I am doing some change because I have to. I am doing some other change because I want to. We have new curriculum, I have a totally different make up of students and I always like to reflect and make things better!

So...I have a few questions. Of course, I have no idea if ANYONE at all is reading this blog!
And that is where my first question comes from...

How can I make this blog appealing? Teacher blogs are so cute, but I haven't figured out where to begin. to me about math and reading centers. Or, send me to some great resources. I am changing my math instruction and want to do small groups and centers. My reading centers need improvement too.

I'm hoping to share more this week...I have just been so tired! Have a blessed week to the rest of you!

Thanks in advance for the help.

Here are two more pictures from last week!