Saturday, September 21, 2013

Linking Up for My First Time

This will be my first time linking up with
 I am a day late...of course! Still working on how to be a blogger! But here is my Five For Friday

1. Time with E
Every week has some time spent with only grandchild who lives near by. He keeps me on my toes...getting close to the 2 year old mark!
2. Remembering....
Of course my first graders have no memory. I was so happy to see that last week's lesson inspired a first grader to do this in writing. The details are amazing! YES! We are working on the trait of ideas!
3. Parent Night at the Book Fair..
Glad I have a willing intern to dress up and read the book Glamsters to all our guests! She did an amazing job, and not just that night, but all the time. I am blessed to have her in my room. I love her excitement and enthusiasm. It is refreshing to be around.
4. Freedom Week...teaching first graders about the Constitution was a bit difficult at times, but I think they did get what is important! This was an activity we did as a team. The students shared what they could do as citizens that would contribute to America being a better nation. We also did Reader's Theaters that were about our nation's history and put the Consitution into kid friendly language.
5. Panther Pride
We won the weekly competition 2 weeks in a row. 100% of my students wore their green and gold, showing off their pride. We won ribbons and the BIG ribbon they are holding. Love those smiles!
Enjoy your weekend! I'll aim for a real Friday post next week!